Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Very Short Tamil Lesson

Vannakkam! Epadi irukkinga?

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Hello Everyone, so as I promised today, I will be adding some more Tamil Lessons, to start with today I'm going to add a very short lesson, maybe it can be a little bit of a refressher for you. But I hope you like it and it will prove useful for you.But here are a couple of things before we learn the Vocabulary:

  • There is now a Tamil Course on Itunes! Its called Learn Tamil by langauge reef. There is also many apps for Learning Tamil which are fairly useful. Some you must pay for and some are free! But Search in Itunes! If you are interested there is also music you can purchase on Itunes. One Aplication I have is : Desi Radio not only does it have Tamil but Hindi, Telugu, Urdu, Panjabi, Kannada and Malyalam. I believe this App is free, but its great!
  • I would like you all to check this it has many Tamil Radio stations you can listen to from India and around the world!I just found this site and I like it very much. I would recomend it to anyone.
  • Also check out for news and updates in Tamil, also has a news audio option.

Okay, so now that is out of the way. Let's focus on some Tamil Vocabulary. This are pretty useful words that may not prove useful now but in later lessons and in understanding Tamil, I think they are pretty imporant. So here they are-

Peeru-name, although we have learned this before in our basic phareses, I deciced to Include in this Vocabulary list. So the word is Peeru as is En Peeru Asin "My name is Asin".

Aama- yes

Niinga-You. Tamil like man other langaugs, has different words for you. This one Niinga means you in a polite way. As if you you were going to ask a stranger Niinga Vijay-aa? "Are you Vijay?"



Vaa!-Come! This a more abrupt way of saying "come!" Respectfully, you should say Vaanga which means more like "please come".


Poo- go! Like the same as above, when being respectful, say Poonga




konja neeram- sometime.


I added this words on my Quizlet Account and you can acess them here:

*Quizlet is a Flashcard website allowing you to play games and take tests with the FlashCards! Very good site :)

These are some Grammar Point's you must remeber in Tamil.

1) In Tamil there can be verbless sentances. This mostly happens with "to be". For example, above I gave the example of En Peeru Asin which we know means, "My name is Asin," however, if we were literally translating this, it would be "My name Asin". Sort of sounds like Pidgen English, Right?

2) As you have probably read before, Tamil has cases. One of the Cases exsists in Possession. The suffix for this is -ooda. However it is commonly not used with pronouns and is optional when speaking. But you should at least know to regonize it.


Maanavanooda - students

oonga pustagam-your book

Okay, So I think this is Engough for now. I will be adding much more tommorow. So enjoy this lesson and I will be back tommorow posting more things Im hoping to get a Tamil reading lesson up and another grammar lesson up. Stay tuned!

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  1. I am from hyderabadi...
    your lessons are very much helping me for learning basics of tamil very easily...
    romba nandri meera ji...