Friday, September 18, 2009

Enna solla pogirai


Illai Illai solla oru ganam podhum
It just takes a moment to say "No"

Illai endra sollai thanguvadhendraal
To actually come to terms with it

Innum Innum enakkor janmam vendum
I need another birth

Enna solla pogirai?
So what are you going to say?

Sandhana thendralai jannalgal dhandiththal Nyayamaa, Nyayamaa?
Isn't it unfair of the windows to punish the breeze that carries the
fragrance of sandalwood?

Kadhalin kelvikku kangalin badhilenna mounamaa, mounamaa?
Is silence the reply of the eyes to my question of love?

Anbae endhan kaadhal solla, nodi ondru podhumae
My love, it would just take a moment to express my love

Adhai Naanum meippikka thaane, oru aayul vendumae
But to actually prove it, I need a lifetime

Idhayam oru kannadi
The heart is a mirror

Unadhu bimbam veezhndhadhadi
Your image fell on it

Idhu dhaan un sondham idhayam sonnadhadi
"She is the one for you!", said my heart!

Kannadi bimbam katta
To tie that image

Kayirondrum illayadi
There is no rope available

kannaadi oonjal bimbam aadudhadi
The image is therefore swaying in the glass swing

Nee Ondru solladi pennae!
Just utter one word my girl!

Illai, Nindru kolladi kannae!
Or just wait and kill me!

Endhan vaazhkkaiye unadhu vizhi vilimbil
My entire life is hanging by the edges of your eyes

Ennai thuraththaadhey, uyir karaiyeradhey
Don't drive me away, my life would remain unfulfilled!

Vidiyal vandha pinnalum
Even after it has dawned

Vidiyadha iravu edhu?
Which is the night that is yet to dawn?

Poovasam veesum un koondhaladi
Your tresses that carry the fragrance of flowers

Ivvulagam irunda pinnum
Even after the world is plunged in darkness

Irulaadha baagam edhu
Which is the part that is still bright?

Kadhir vandhu paayum undhan kangaladi
Your radiant eyes of course!

Pala ulaga azhagigal koodi
Several great beauties could come together

Un paadham kazhuvalam vaadi
And painstakingly wash your feet

En thalir malare, innum thayakkamenna?
My young blossom, why hesitate still?

Ennai puriyaadhaa? Idhu vaazhava saava?
Haven't you yet understood me? Is this life or death?

Lesson 2: Basic Pharses in Tamil

Here are some survial words to get you around in Tamil :)

Good Morning!
Kaalai Vanakkam

Good Evening!
Maalai Vanakkam

Welcome! (to greet someone)


How Are You?
Eppati irukkinga? (or) Nalamaa?

I'm Fine, Thanks!
Nallaa irukéan! (or) Nalam! , Nandri!

And You?

Good/ So-So.

Thank You (Very Much)!
Romba Nandri

You're Welcome! (answering "thank you")
Paravaa illa

Hey! Friend!
Alo! Nanbaa!

I Missed You So Much!
unnai nehachi romba yengi poi vittean

What's New?
Enna seithi?

Nothing Much
Onnum illai

Good Night!
Iravu vanakkam

See You Later!
Apram paarkalame!

Good Bye!
Poittu varén!

Lesson1: Personal Pronouns

I'm going to start with personal Pronouns and I am not going to use the Tamil Script so you can pronounce it.


Some Examples in Sentances:
Naan porean(I go)
Avan poraan(He goes)
Aval nethu pearundhu valiya vandha(She came by bus yesterday)
Unga peru enna? What's your name?

Welcome to Learn Tamil

Hello Everyone and welcome to Learn Tamil. I have made this blog to help other learners of Tamil and share my experiences learning Tamil. I will do my best to help you with learning this beautiful but difficult language . So for some background on Tamil, it is the official language of India, Sri Lanka and Singapore. It has 66 million native speakers and was the called the first classical language of India. Tamil is part of the Dravidian family of languages and is written in the Tamil Script. I am going to try to post links, music and media to help with learning Tamil. I will also put up some lessons! I hope you enjoy this site! Also many people ask me, who do I want to learn Tamil? The answer is simply because I think Tamil is an extremely beautiful language and I love Tamil music, Tamil movies and Tamil culture