Friday, September 18, 2009

Welcome to Learn Tamil

Hello Everyone and welcome to Learn Tamil. I have made this blog to help other learners of Tamil and share my experiences learning Tamil. I will do my best to help you with learning this beautiful but difficult language . So for some background on Tamil, it is the official language of India, Sri Lanka and Singapore. It has 66 million native speakers and was the called the first classical language of India. Tamil is part of the Dravidian family of languages and is written in the Tamil Script. I am going to try to post links, music and media to help with learning Tamil. I will also put up some lessons! I hope you enjoy this site! Also many people ask me, who do I want to learn Tamil? The answer is simply because I think Tamil is an extremely beautiful language and I love Tamil music, Tamil movies and Tamil culture


  1. hello Meera.
    It's a good idea your blog, i hope you'll continue coz i learn tamil.

    So do u know a another websit where i can learn tamil???

  2. thank you
    i hope you'll conitue your blog coz i learn tamil.

  3. Yeah i posted something where you'll find tons of things for tamil.

  4. hello

    idu nalla velai. nan unghudaiya 'blog' padinthen. romba nallaa. nanum thamizh padikkiRen.
    Keep posting....


  5. its awesome!! gr8 idean. . bt csn some1 tel me hw 2 say "yes" n "no" in tamil plz??

  6. Hey Mii, Yes, no is Ilai, and yes is Amma